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Time for S'mores! Or better yet make dinner over the fire!

Sway gently in the hammock and gaze up at the architectural marvel above

Savor every meal surrounded in nature in your kitchen, embraced by floor-to-ceiling windows.

Hot tub on the deck, complete with soft towels and a bottle of wine for the perfect touch of luxury

First impressions matter: Your front entry opens up to the surrounding tranquility of the forest

A seamless blend of architecture and nature as the Mirror House mirrors the surrounding forest.

Bask in the beauty of nature's mirror in our backyard, a perfect spot to unwind and connect

Blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the perfect view.

The beautiful queen bed awaits.

View from the kitchen: bed and exterior through the 1-way glass facade.

Couch facing view or TV screen. Bed lowers down over the couch when you're ready for bed.

View of the kitchen and dining table. Saloon style custom wood doors lead into the bathroom.

Luxury kitchen to cook. Local organic coffee and french press provided along with tea

Have work to do? Tequila shots? Or just a nice quiet dinner? Small dining table for 2

Possibly be the most beautiful bathroom....

Body wash, shampoo & conditioner provided. And a mirror for shaving.

Great view of the reflective exterior and the trees that surround the Mirror House.

Custom cedar live edge table for work or play with blazing fast Wifi speeds.